Employment Opportunities

Position: Call-In

Hours: 0-44 hours/week; Vacation coverage, illness coverage, all shifts, early opening, late closing and split shifts (6:30 am to 6:00 pm)

Work Conditions: Manual dexterity, attention to detail, verbal and written communication, combination of sitting, standing, walking bending, crouching, kneeling, lifting up to 25 kg, adherence to policies, procedures, schedules, routines and housekeeping duties (as required).

Requirements: Valid CPR Level C and First Aid, Police Check with Vulnerable Sector Screening (no older than 6 months), Proof of Vaccination

Recommendations: Diploma in a Human Services field (RECE preferred but not required), experience working with children (0 to 12 years), knowledge of the following document; Child Care and Early Years Act 2014 (CCEYA), How Does Learning Happen (HDLH) and Early Learning for Every Child Today (ELECT)

About the Centre: Beacons of Light Daycare (BOLD) offers services to families in the Sarnia-Lambton area, with the intent of children successfully entering the educational system with confidence, curiosity and potential. We at BOLD view children as competent and capable individuals, with the ability and knowledge to successfully enter the educational system. Children are supported on this journey with support and hands-on experiences, using materials that are open-ended and provide opportunity for creativity. Children are encouraged to initiate activities, or materials, creating their own experience, ideas and concept with positive support and encouragement from the adult, using an approach that guides the child, rather then directs. The environment will be based on the developmental needs of the child(ren), providing materials, experiences, and interactions to foster strengths, develop needs, reflect on interests and support children, regardless of abilities. Children will use these abilities to interact and communicate with others in a positive manner and will support the growth of their ability to self-regulate. As the educators are there to support the child’s journey, BOLD has set out guidelines, policies and procedures to ensure that the strategies described in our Program Statement are meaningful and impactful to the children, the families and the centre as a whole. Educators are encouraged to provide materials, experiences, and interactions that are positive in nature and are open-ended, supporting an emergent curriculum, which can be defined as a way that focuses on being responsive to a child’s interests to create a meaningful learning experience through observation for insight on interests and needs. Facilitating an emergent, responsive environment is done through offering direct and hands on experiences, using materials that are open ended and encourage creativity. Educators ensure that learning materials are available always to the children, as well as providing supports and enhancing the areas of the classroom to expand on the child’s interests. The learning areas are to be flexible and adaptable and provide a ‘home-like’ environment that is familiar and comfortable for children to expand their ever-growing abilities and strengths. This is done with the addition of familiar materials like photographs, plants, natural, warm colours, and home-like furnishings. Educators are also encouraged to bring materials and experiences outdoors to continue the child’s journey.

If you interested in employment at Beacons of Light Daycare, please drop your resume off at the center or email it to caitlin.beacons@gmail.com