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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have infant care?

Not at this time, we don’t accept children until they are 18 months. But please feel free you put your child(ren) on the waitlist for the toddler room.


When can I drop my child(ren) off?

The centre opens daily at 7:30am


Can my child come if they require medication?

We encourage families to administer medication at home. If it is needed during daycare hours, it must come in the original container, with the pharmacy label and a ongoing medication form must be filled out and signed before the staff can administer it.


Do you serve breakfast?

We serve a morning snack until 10:30am.


When you eat lunch?

Our lunch is served at noon.

How late can I bring my child(ren)?

Our cut off time is 10:30 am. If you are going to be later than 10:30am for any reason we ask that you call your child(ren)'s room before 10:30am and let them know what time you will be there.

When is sleep, how long is it and does my child(ren) have to sleep?

Rest time is at 12:30 and it is until 2:30, 2 hours. They don’t have to sleep, but they must lay on a cot for an hour with quiet activities. Around April/May our Sr. Preschool room cuts out sleep to get them ready to go off to kindergarten.  During these 2 hours, they are given quiet activities and/or go out to the playground.


How often do you go outside?

When weather is permitting, we are to be outside for a minimum of 2 hours. If it is a nice day, we will be outside most of the morning and back out in the afternoon.


Will my child(ren) need inside shoes?

In the summer we do not require inside shoes. During the winter and rainy months, we ask that you send your child(ren) with a pair of inside shoes, this way we can keep our room floors clean. The inside shoes do not need to be shoes, they can be slippers as well.


Will you provide sunscreen?

We will apply sunscreen, but encourage families to bring sunscreen for their child(ren). If you bring sunscreen for your child, it will only be used for your child(ren).


Can I change my scheduled days?

Schedule changes needs to discussed with management, by Thursday at noon the week before. Please be advised that not all schedule changes will be accommodated due to ratios and staffing.


How much does daycare cost?

Please refer to our fees page.


Do you accept subsidy?

Please refer to our fees page.


Would I be able to bring food for my child(ren)?

If your child(ren) require specialty foods or drinks, yes, but please keep in mind we are a nut & peanut free facility. 

How often does cleaning happen?

Cleaning happens daily and weekly. Room cleaning; tables, chairs, sweeping, mopping etc. happen on a daily basis. Whereas toy cleaning happens on a weekly schedule, if there has been an outbreak, or if a child has had a communicable illness, cleaning will done on an "as needed" basis. Bedding on the cots are washed on a weekly basis and the cots are disinfected.


Can my child(ren) bring a bottle, sippy cup or a water bottle?

Yes. Everything needs to be labelled with your child’s name. If your child(ren) require a bottle of milk at sleep, we ask that you send us with a bottle full of milk.


Can my child(ren) bring their own blanket or sleep toy?

Yes, blankets and toys can be a comfort for children. If your child(ren) need their blanket or sleep toy to go back and forth, just let the staff know, and they will make sure it goes home. If it is going to stay at the daycare, it will be washed on a weekly basis with the laundry. Other toys we encourage families to keep at home, as they may get lost or broken.