Daily Activities

Here is what you can be expecting your child to be doing during thier days at BOLD


Large Group Time

Teachers and children gather in a circle to engage in dancing, singing and storytelling, which can benefit towards school-readiness. This can also include tasks such as clean-up and lunch time when the children are learning table manners and how to serve themselves.


Small Group

This is a time in which a small group of children will work with a teacher in activities that promote school– readiness, co-operation with peers and adults, and enhance  expressive and receptive language.


Free Play/ Programming

This is a time to explore and learn  freely with structured activities involved within. Children are free to move from one activity, or centre, to another  within the classroom environment. Some examples of centres are creative, blocks, dramatic, reading, fine motor, sensory (sand, water, or other child safe materials) music and movement, writing and science. These areas are child-led activities that are supported by the teacher by asking open-ended question and expanding on the child’s idea.


Outside Time/ Gross Motor

On weather permitting  days, children will enjoy outdoor time for a minimum of two hours a day. This includes running, jumping, hopping, biking and many other activities that promote the use of our large muscles. On days of poor weather, children will have the opportunity to play in the Gross Motor Room or the Gym, with riding toys, balls,  parachutes, tunnels, small slides, and other materials that promote large motor development


Rest/ Quiet Time

Rest/quiet time is an opportunity for children to sleep and/or rest after lunch. Children either have their backs or tummy’s rubbed, patted, or rocked to help comfort them. If after an hour the child is still awake, they are allowed off of their beds to some quiet table activities or books on their bed. Older groups of children,  kindergarten and school-age, are given the choice of quiet activities such as puzzles, books, Lego or board games as a quiet activity of the day.


Field Trips

The centre will periodically, plan field trips for the children throughout the year. These trips are within walking distance, suitable for the age group and are of interest to the children.