Families are encouraged to register their child to the Lambton County child care wait list using the following link: https://onehsn.com/Lambton/

When a family is interested in obtaining child care service, and a place is not currently available, the family will be placed on the wait list for the required age group. The following is the priority list for children on the waitlist.

· Beacons of Light Staff

· Siblings of Enrolled Children

· Full Time Care ( 5 Days a Week)

· Part Time Care (Less than 5 days a week)

· Flexible Care (Varying Schedules)

As vacancies become available, families will be contacted in accordance to their placement on the waitlist, which can be acquired at any point by the family by calling the centre, or emailing the Supervisor. When placed on the wait list, the following information will be acquired:

· Child’s Name

· Date of Birth

· Classroom Placement

· Contact Information (Phone Number and/or Email Address)

Every effort will be made to fill the available spot immediately. If a family is called and they deny a spot offered, they will move to the bottom of the respective waitlist.